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The Power Of Local Marketing For Small Businesses
11 May 2020

The Power of Local Marketing For Small Businesses

There are many ways to attract customers with the use of LOCAL MARKETING.

  1. Understand the search:

    It’s important to be visible in different local engine searches like Google, Bing, etc. But at the same time, for small businesses, it is equally important and beneficial to show up on local search engines, e.g., City Site, etc.


  1. Build up a business website:

    Yellow pages are usually not used by local businesses. They go online. You don’t have to be more detailed or specific, but you have to provide the basic, local details correctly, such as address, phone number, fax number, services, etc.


  1. Advertise Online:

    Local online advertising really works, which is why the use of targeted ads is estimated to more than double this year. Many companies work to create ads and then optimize them. This can help you establish your brand online. The more you are visible, the more you become popular.


  1. Use location-based services:

    You can help customers find your business in location-based services like Google Places, Facebook places, FourSquare, etc. This is very simple and is an easier way to drag the customers to your doorsteps.


  1. Try “group deals”:

    They are a great way to attract customers. Group buying websites like “Group-on” and “Social buy” offer discounts for a limited time on local products and services. Businesses sign up with the services and then share profit with the site.


  1. Optimize your listing:

    Add some photos, a description of your product, offers, deals, coupons, directions or maps, etc. Most sites lets you do this for free. Try to make most of your listings on review sites.


  1. Manage your reviews:

    Read your product feedback and try your best to respond as soon as possible. Clear out the negative feedback quickly, so that your business image does not get spoiled. For seeking the advice on responding to reviews, visit Yelp!


  1. Engage:

    This is the biggest benefit of local tools. Engagement always plays a powerful role in online marketing. Interacting with your customers helps in establishing friendly and long-lasting relations. It can help you increase your sales.


  1. Experiment and learn:

    Find out what worked and what didn’t. Try out the tools, track the performance of each, and then fine tune it accordingly. Experimenting and then correcting always helps with achieving perfection.


  1. Get listed on ratings and review sites:

    Usually customers check out the review sites to find out where to shop and where to buy. So get listed on Bing Local, Rate Point, Insider pages, and in important niche-review websites. This can improve your popularity and branding.



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