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What Is Local Marketing
11 May 2020

What Is Local Marketing?


Local marketing is a comprehensive plan that works to drive local traffic to local businesses and local markets made up of the customers located within a particular region where services are offered.

Local marketing engages your local customers at the location level, and it is the best way to connect with your customers. You can use local marketing to empower your local brand with online local marketing strategies to generate offline sales instead of traditional marketing which won’t generate sales.

As of now, people use the internet to find products and services online, and 61% of local searches resulted in purchases. So being online will add an extra advantage to your business.

You can enhance the store’s image, increase customer loyalty, build brand awareness, and grow store traffic in your local area with local marketing. You can use local search, map directories, content marketing, PPC, email marketing, mobile apps, and many other online methods to make your business stand out in local markets.

You also need to register your local business in local directories with the same name, address, contact information, and business hours, because search engines like consistency, and they will rank your business faster.

You need to clearly establish the goal of your local marketing efforts. You can attract new customers into your store, get your old customers back in the store, motivate your customers with several offers to return more frequently, encourage customers to spend more each visit, drive customers to buy specific items, and encourage customers to say positive things about you.

Here are the three reasons to introduce local online marketing in your advertisement campaign:

  1. More Relevant Customers:

    You need to target more relevant audiences for your local business when advertising with social media, Google ads, PPC campaigns, and other online advertisements. Target customers who are searching within your marketing niche
  2. Saving Money:

    You can use social media, which is virtually free and targeted to your local area. Online local marketing is less expensive than other media like TV, community newspaper, etc. You can also go for free directory listings, Google map, Google places, and social media pages. All these will help you get found by your customers.
  3. Instant Results:

    Online local marketing saves you time and will get results faster – and you can easily track your customers. The moment your advertising campaign goes live is the moment your ads start appearing in front of your audience. This is a great way to increase your business revenue; you need to keep it steady.



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