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Types of Video Ads Every Marketer Needs to Know
14 May 2020

Types of Video Ads Every Marketer Needs to Know


Video Marketing is on a never-ending expansion route.

Whenever it comes to creating a video ad, new marketers struggle to choose between the various formats of ads. With each different format a specific purpose is there that needs to be met. And that strictly depends upon your resources and content deployed.

In the article below we have identified and presented the 6 most common types of ads used by marketers to portray their products and services. Learn which ad type to choose for your next campaign and increase your revenues.


  • Instream Video Ads

Instream ads or linear ads are advertisements that are played within the video player at the start or during the video i.e. the middle or towards the last of the videos. Commonly identified as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll, this format of video ads is considered effective to showcase the brand or the product itself.

However, pre-roll and mid-roll ads are the most suited ones as both have higher viewability rates in comparison to post roll ads.

Pre-roll ads are auto-played and can be skipped after a mandatory few seconds. In terms of retaining the information, as the user is intended to watch the desired URL and video. While in case of mid-roll ads the ads appear during the middle of the video. They are like T.V Ads. As users are already engaged by this time, these ads take the advantage by generating higher CPMs.


  • Out Stream Video Ads

Out stream video ads auto play and are used as stand-alone ads as they are independent of being placed either in the corners of the or in the middle of the content. They are not accompanied by any other form of content.

They qualify as in easily viewable and does not cause any obstruction. These types of ads are not user initiated and they appear as the user scrolls on the webpage. Out stream ads have high viewability and usually prove extremely beneficial to the advertisers as they are charged only when the ads are viewed to completion.


  • Interactive Video Ads

Marketers when thinking of increasing their brand engagement must without a doubt opt for this format of the video ad. Irrespective of the device on which they are viewed these ads serve as the ideal solution for maximizing engagement.

Going with the name, these ads have certain interactions added to them like subscribing to a newsletter, or to a landing page with some special online purchase offer or to another informational page. These ads usually last for 30 seconds and they show at any stage be it the start, middle or last of the content screened.


  • Webpage Video Ads

Users tend to like these ads when they need to gain knowledge about the product or service the brand administers. Mostly users find this way as the better alternative to reading lengthy About Us pages and other similar content that websites have about their existence, history and establishment. Usually when users have the intent to view a search page they look out for additional authentic information in relation to the brand and such format of ads stand helpful for them in exploring and building trust about the brand.

These ads are informative and boost engagement rates as users themselves want to view them and accomplish their purpose to gain knowledge. It’s self-triggered rather than a forced one, which makes it popular among the other formats.



  • Companion Video Ads

These ads accompany the main video content and play on mute without disturbing the main video. They serve as the companion to what users can click and view if they seek to know more about the brand.

They are crafted using rich graphics, static images and text, but are played mute to not create any kind of interruption that may make the user browsing experience poor.


  • In-Game Video Ads

In-Game video ads are usually a treat for marketers, as they can benefit from these ads in multitudes. Users of all age groups play and interact with mobile games and marketers can showcase their ads on these gaming apps without a doubt.


Marketers can offer new lives, tokens, free items for their opted games and engage users. In-Game ads are hugely popular on social platforms. These ads load when the games pause for loading at the initial level or at the start of the next level.


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